Atelier Rouge - IMagaI was born in Milan, Italy, towards the end of the first half of last century.

In Milan, with my love Giorgio I studied up to degree in architecture at the Politecnico, we got married and then we had a baby, Alberto.

For years we have done together our work of architects.

Just possible I left the big city and pushed by my need of peace, air, sun and colors, I moved with my family in a small town near to Como’s Lake.

From day to day that job of architect which for years had seemed to me so exciting and creative was changing, basically due to the increasingly heaviness of the issues and bureaucracy, in an occupation forced less and less exciting, tiring and often distressing.

I always loved to draw and paint, but the time for these activities was very limited.

In this state of mind, and almost without realizing how many years of my life were living already behind me, I found myself, suddenly, at the end of the twentieth century.

Then, an invitation of friends and several holidays in southern France.

Only there I felt suddenly and finally “at home” and I breathed around me all that peace, air, sun and colors that I had unconsciously always needed.

Without thinking too much (for once) we made our decision and moved in reconnaissance to Bormes les Mimosas, where, in an old house of the village, in my Atelier ” IMaga”, I started a new job: paint, alternating my works both on canvas and ceramics.

The joy of painting every day, my personal new flavor of my new life, the enriching contact with the public and my first works sold, convinced me to be on the right way.

This century began. Everything had changed for me, definitely for the better.

The adventure of Bormes is finished a few years ago, for health reasons, (years pass) I moved with my husband in a village not far away, even smaller, inland between vineyards and hills; but the adventure “IMaga’s painting” still continues.

In addition to paintings and ceramics I introduced the tailoring of creative jewels which are for me like small different sculptures and let me play with golden thread and colors of the crystals.

In this year 2015 some of my clients, when I was still working in Bormes and become among the most intimate friends and loved ones, proposed a new adventure: this exhibition in Paris.

So then, without thinking too much (one more time) we said yes.

Atelier IMaga

Atelier IMaga